Thursday, December 24, 2009


 Our mantle: Lil' Wayne, old ass flowers, and ornaments in vases. The only way to do it.

Happy Holidays!

ps. my friends are awesome and i have already received both a cupcake stand AND a lady gaga cd as i wished for in the post below. also, the sixth harry potter movie! ye-yah! totes gonna watch that when i'm sitting around my parents house today.

pps. i just found a link (via A Cup of Jo via Black Eiffel) to this hilarious picture of creepy santa clauses (santa claui?) and this one  picture made me lol for real:  

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today I somehow managed to get out from under my down comforter and go to Target to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I thought that it being a Sunday and being that we got 12+ inches of snow in the last day or two that it would be relatively stress free. SIKE. I've never seen Target so pack and I had to park really far away. It was a harrowing experience indeed. However, two things made this trip worth it. 1) I completed my Christmas shopping for everyone on my list in one foul (foul?) swoop. 2) Rodarte for Target. Holy sweet mary mother of God. It has to be the best guest designer yet. I contemplated throwing all the presents for others back on the shelves and simply purchasing all of the Rodarte items available in my size but alas, (earwax) I did not. Here's a little eye candy for ya:

NBC was surprised at the turnout for the labels opening. Please. I would give my first born for this collection to appear in my closet free of cost.

Behind the scenes video of the collection. I would post more pixxx but it's kind of hard to find high quality ones online. Yikes. I'll just go back to swooning now.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Hands are Cold!!!!!

Well, Kimmy did her Christmas wish list post yesterday so I decided I'd jock her style and do my own.

Firstly, I'd like my computer to be fixed. Or at least I'd like to be able to access my hard drive. I feel like Carrie on that episode of Sex and the City where her computer dies and all her writing is gone. I don't think my mind has really processed actually losing all my writing from the past three years as a possibility yet.

Lady Gaga CDs. Either one. Or both!

A waffle ir--- No. Wait!

A Hello Kitty waffle iron! I love waffles and my roommate that owned the waffle iron moved out. So now I got a box of blueberry Krusteaz just sittin' in my kitchen for no reason. Someone give me a dang waffle iron!

Okay. This might seem unnecessary but I both make and transport a lot of cupcakes. Pretty much whenever one of my friends has a birthday party I make cupcakes. I was at Costco with my dad today and saw one of these and hinted at it as a present but I think he either thought it was a joke or just didn't catch on.


This movie is one of my favorites ever and its been coming up a lot recently in conversation and I realized I don't own it, which is crazy.

Miyazaki is one of my favorite filmmakers but I've never seen Totoro! (The shame! The horror!) I have been trying to see this movie for literally eight years. This is getting out of control.

And now for the gift I will definitely not be getting:

The only appropriate commentary to go with this picture would be the sound of a hundred of heaven's angels singing but, unfortunately, I don't know how to effectively express that in Times New Roman.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Been An Awful Good Girl

Now that exams are over I can focus on what's important-- christmas gifts, FOR ME.

Meyer Lemon Tree, $70

Ballet lessons, $200

Someone to fix my beautiful old Nikon, $Too Much

A latte (preferably one with pretty art like this one) every morning when I wake up, $3.65

A red winter coat. I have yet to find one that I really love though.

A vintage stamp necklace, $36 here.
I first saw these at a really cool store in Philadelphia this summer and I didn't buy them because I thought I could make them myself. That's what I say about everything but I never do.

Tomorrow I'm hitting up all the thrift stores to try and get inspired to make other people fab gifts para Chrismukkah or other multi-denominational holidays. Thank you, OC.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Chloe Wedges

I want these right now. Can someone give me like $500 please?

pic from

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Je Veux Ton Amour

"Have you heard this song before?" My friend asked.
"No." I responded.
"It's the new Lady Gaga song. Its horrible. You just have to listen to it so you can hear how horrible it is."
I agreed that it wasn't very good but said, "If its Lady Gaga I'll love it eventually anyway."

That happened about a week ago and I pretty much have the song, "Bad Romance", on repeat. And if I'm not listening to it I'm probably singing it and doing a weird twitchy, heavy-on-arm-movements dance like the one in the video. Even the "rah-rah-roma-ga-ga" part grew on me. The reason I'm writing this post though is because I just realized that she name drops three Alfred Hitchcock movies in the song and I nearly peed myself with excitement on how awesome that is. I love it when two random things that I love come together and, in this case, make the lyrical love child of Hitchcock and Gaga. (If I wasn't speaking metaphorically here, that would be one weird ass baby.)

"I want your psycho
Your vertigo stick
Want you in my rear window
Baby you're sick"


Also, in the music video (which I've posted below) she wears the crazy Alexander McQueen shoes from the spring 2010 show that remind me of antelope hooves or something. I remember watching that show live when I was there in the front row (aka Youtube) and thinking those are amazing to look at because they're so weird but no one can wear them. Lady Gaga can. And does.

She would.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So it monsooned here last week and I was feeling glum about dressing for the rain in rainboots and coats and umbrellas and because I generally look like a wet ferret when it rains. Then something magical happened. Red lipstick. Not only is this a "fall 09 trend" but srsly you can't feel bad when you're wearing this.

Look it works for blondes and brunettes:


Sorry for the GG theme but I heard "Good Girls Go Bad" on the way home.

Last year my favorite winter coat got stolen and ever since I've been on the hunt for something to fill the void. Lucky for me, this year has some real winners in rich hues, blinged out buttons and dramatic collars. I was about to post some of my favorites but this person does it better.

Annnnnd: Peanut Butter Blossom cookies. I have a ridiculous love for peanut butter so these cookies are my jamz. The recipe is really fast, easy and entirely unhealthy. Perfect for the holidays. I had to make them for a bake sale but ended up eating a whole batch myself. Yum. Oh ps- the recipe for them was on the back of my JIF (the only peanut butter as far as I'm concerned) container. FEAST YOUR EYES (and then go make them and actually feast...):

(More pictures and recipe here)

Louis Vuitton Fall '09

I know this collection came out months ago and is all over the internets (and magazines, and an 8 1/2 by 11 section of my wall in the form of a ripped out picture...), but we both love it. And I have writers block. And pretty pictures are always nice.

I really love these tights for some reason.

All pictures from except the last which I would credit if I could.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Our way to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD):

Also, Lia is a big fancy fashion designer now for STRUT so we tried to make a dress form on a budget:

You start by wrapping duct tape sticky side out and then go over it a bunch of times with the matte side out. When you're finished you carefully cut the model out of the form, stuff it with batting and tape it up. If you use enough tape and stuff it well, it should be a ballin' dress form. Or a very modern take on a Herve Leger dress.

In other news, the mentoring program where I volunteer didn't have a recycling program in place. Yikes! So I got my craft on and made some bins. I won't lie the finished products were pretty exciting (and made from recycled plastic. Parfait.)

PS: It's okay to be jealous of those mismatched fuzzy socks....

Founding Farmers

This weekend I went to DC and had a fabulous dinner at favorite Founding Farmers. I'd been there once before and instantly fell in love and I'm pleased to say round two was equally fabulous. FF is owned and supplied by the South Dakota Farmer's Union and they have a delicious menu that changes with the season, a great atmosphere and support all the things I love like family farming and green building techniques. I tried sister restaurant Agraria earlier this fall and it was good but still working out some kinks since it has recently opened. Anyway! If you're in DC, check it out. It's great food (hit up the flatbread for an appetizer) and did I mention it has fancy cocktails that employ liberal amount of basil? A place after my own heart.

Check more out here.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Surprisingly Good

I heard "Be By Myself" on the radio the other day by at-time-of-listening-unknown-white-rapper featuring Cee-Lo. After, discussing with my roommate as to whether or not the person rapping was Eminem we concluded that it was definitely Asher Roth when he said the words "playing Madden." The song was better than the somewhat annoying, but very catchy, "I Love College" so the other night I decided to look up some more of his stuff on YouTube and was pleasantly surprised. Below I've posted "Lark on my Go-Kart" but there's also some pretty tight freestyles on ye ol' Tube de You that I'd check out as well (well, I already have checked them out, but you should too).