Monday, November 16, 2009


Our way to combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD):

Also, Lia is a big fancy fashion designer now for STRUT so we tried to make a dress form on a budget:

You start by wrapping duct tape sticky side out and then go over it a bunch of times with the matte side out. When you're finished you carefully cut the model out of the form, stuff it with batting and tape it up. If you use enough tape and stuff it well, it should be a ballin' dress form. Or a very modern take on a Herve Leger dress.

In other news, the mentoring program where I volunteer didn't have a recycling program in place. Yikes! So I got my craft on and made some bins. I won't lie the finished products were pretty exciting (and made from recycled plastic. Parfait.)

PS: It's okay to be jealous of those mismatched fuzzy socks....

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