Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Hands are Cold!!!!!

Well, Kimmy did her Christmas wish list post yesterday so I decided I'd jock her style and do my own.

Firstly, I'd like my computer to be fixed. Or at least I'd like to be able to access my hard drive. I feel like Carrie on that episode of Sex and the City where her computer dies and all her writing is gone. I don't think my mind has really processed actually losing all my writing from the past three years as a possibility yet.

Lady Gaga CDs. Either one. Or both!

A waffle ir--- No. Wait!

A Hello Kitty waffle iron! I love waffles and my roommate that owned the waffle iron moved out. So now I got a box of blueberry Krusteaz just sittin' in my kitchen for no reason. Someone give me a dang waffle iron!

Okay. This might seem unnecessary but I both make and transport a lot of cupcakes. Pretty much whenever one of my friends has a birthday party I make cupcakes. I was at Costco with my dad today and saw one of these and hinted at it as a present but I think he either thought it was a joke or just didn't catch on.


This movie is one of my favorites ever and its been coming up a lot recently in conversation and I realized I don't own it, which is crazy.

Miyazaki is one of my favorite filmmakers but I've never seen Totoro! (The shame! The horror!) I have been trying to see this movie for literally eight years. This is getting out of control.

And now for the gift I will definitely not be getting:

The only appropriate commentary to go with this picture would be the sound of a hundred of heaven's angels singing but, unfortunately, I don't know how to effectively express that in Times New Roman.



  1. Your most requested gift in recent days is not here, but will be under the Crimmas tree.

    Also, I request Ape Wednesdays. Rather, I demand them.

  2. I got you strawberry dre last night so does that count?