Sunday, December 20, 2009


Today I somehow managed to get out from under my down comforter and go to Target to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I thought that it being a Sunday and being that we got 12+ inches of snow in the last day or two that it would be relatively stress free. SIKE. I've never seen Target so pack and I had to park really far away. It was a harrowing experience indeed. However, two things made this trip worth it. 1) I completed my Christmas shopping for everyone on my list in one foul (foul?) swoop. 2) Rodarte for Target. Holy sweet mary mother of God. It has to be the best guest designer yet. I contemplated throwing all the presents for others back on the shelves and simply purchasing all of the Rodarte items available in my size but alas, (earwax) I did not. Here's a little eye candy for ya:

NBC was surprised at the turnout for the labels opening. Please. I would give my first born for this collection to appear in my closet free of cost.

Behind the scenes video of the collection. I would post more pixxx but it's kind of hard to find high quality ones online. Yikes. I'll just go back to swooning now.

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