Friday, January 29, 2010

On To The Next One

This video is incredible:

And speaking of Jay-Z, he's playing at Coachella this spring. How much do you wanna go?

Dior Couture Spring 2010

I always really like Dior couture (and always hate that it rhymes like those commercials for J'dore Dior and she says it at the end and its super annoying how it rhymes). One of my favorite collections ever is Dior couture (cringe!!!) fall 2008 which you can see here. Really I should probably just do a post on it at some point, its so freaking amazing.
Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture
I always loved this petal-y one from 1949-1950. Always meaning since that day a few years ago when I went on the Costume Institute website and was just like "Holy crap! Holy crap!" That's so crazy that that was 60 years ago.

I just thought the folds in the top of this dress were really amazing. I couldn't find a close-up.

A crazy little amazing man.

In other news we got a new hot water heater installed today and can actually take real showers! No more choosing which leg to shave today. And I'm seeing Of Montreal tomorrow. Pretty awesome. And we're having a Jersey Shore themed party! Will def post some pictures of us all Snookied up, as it were. 

All photos from except the one which is from the Met Costume Institute archive.

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Is a corn is a nut?"

The next Seinfeld!

"gorn nuts"

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Why don't I look like that?

I am all kinds of in love with these beauuuuitful clothes from Calla.

(All images via Refinery 29)

Hello nasty where you been


Alias was such a good show.

If you aren't already listening: spoon (stream it liveee), CONTRA and 11th dimension.

Also, teen mom finale is gonna tear me upppp. TYLER PROPOSES. AHHHH. Also, new season of 16 and preggo coming up. Yes!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ape Wednesdays: An Addendum

This is the subjekt of "Ape Wednesdays" making an announcement:
I must know if there is some sort of delivery service for ranch, and ranch alone.

Please respond with appropriate notation. Thank you.
The Ape

Ape Wednesdays!!!... A Day Late!

Tonight Lisabeth and I almost died when her car spun out as we went around a roundabout (aka traffic circle you Americans). We didn't really almost die but it was crazy and her car spun all the way around and it was crazy. And this van nearly hit us but it stopped. Anywayyyy we got home and decided that instead of homework we would put on heels and make gin drinks and dance around and watch Progekt R├╝nwai! And it was grand:

She is Ape Wednesdays with that samosa. I got a fat face.

And an oldie but goodie. Snookie before Snookie. Am I right?

And more oldies. This is sorta becoming like an Elisabeth ode/ slash she wrote parta this post:
I gave her cornrows that one time.

Taylor from Rachel Zoe Project.


I can't even describe how excited I am about 2010 right now. First, I'm taking a dance class and it is SO MUCH FUN. Better than I ever imagined and I'll definitely be taking one every semester from now one.... so much for graduating early. I mean today was the first day of dancing but still this is all I wanna do

ALSO: Alternative Spring Break is going to be ballin'. Georgia for some warmth, hopefully and fun ppl and doing something good!

 Bought my tickets for Europe, still waiting to hear on Guatemala and plans for Colorado are finalized. WOO. So much to look forward too :)

In other news, thinking about getting a Jheri Curl for an MJ themed party for this weekend:

Whatcha think?

Finally, a little piece of heaven if you're down with dancin':'s recap of the best blog music for the past year, an hour of magic kids, an hour of magic. Download here.

Monday, January 18, 2010


When we were in the great city of New York earlier this winter the best thing about the trip, by far, was brunch at Essex on Sunday morning. I wish that Essex had a better website or that I were able to capture just how incredible the experience was but it just can't be done. Picture this though: Your fighting a hangover from the night before, it's 2 pm and all you need is some fuckin' breakfast. Essex is crazy and brilliant. It's loud and crowded but also serves you alchy to fight your hangover. GENIUS. For $18 you can get an incredible meal and three drinks (your choice of mimosa... these are heavy handed, screwdriver or bloody mary). Lia and I went with my cousins and I can say we were all extremely pleased with our meals. It's in a pretty cool space too (read: converted warehouse) and had an incredible candy store right around the corner to kill time while you wait to be seated. Apparently the best cupcake place in New York (shield your eyes Magnolia devotees) is in the neighborhood too but it was closed when we went. Any way! Check the menu here and then go to the Lower East Side and feassssttttt.

(Via My Daily Bread)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Supah Fly

Our house has a winter fly infestation. I don't know if winter flies are different than normal ones, or if winter flies are even a real thing, but that's what we've been calling them. Either way, so far I've killed two of them with Cate Blanchett's face. I know Ms. Blanchett is an avid reader of our blog and I mean no disrespect to her fine acting skillz, its just that in the quick scavenge of my floor for something appropriate to murder winter flies with, the December issue of Vogue beat out the competition: a borrowed copy of When You Are Engulfed in Flames and thinner, less threatening magazines. A third winter fly died in the bottom of my cup of orange juice from this morning (read: 2pm). That was pretty disgusting.

In other news, I'm pretty sure ipods have some sort of crazy intelligence and find pleasure in out smarting their owners by playing certain songs next to each other whilst on shuffle. It's happened to me on several occasions where the ipod plays two songs one right after the other that fit together extremely appropriately. Frankly its starting to get freaky. I don't know how else to explain how my ipod knew it would be appropriate to play Velvet Underground's "Temptation Inside Your Heart" right before "Heat Wave" by Martha and the Vandellas. The former song contains the lyrics "Well you don't look like Martha and the Vandellas". Whoa ipod. Whoaaaaaa. Scary.

I need to get outta my house. Its like 60 degrees today for some reason and I'm getting antsy.

Velvet Underground - "Temptation Inside Your Heart"

Martha and the Vandellas - "Heat Wave"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shout Out

This blog is too amazing not be mentioned on here. (Also, I just have this thing where if I find something cool or something I like or get excited about something I feel like I need to tell someone, anyone, about it. I'm pretty sure no one reads this blog other than its co-author and maybe our roommate, but posting here still statisfies the urge.) Its called Nic Cage as Everyone and its just a bunch of pictures of Nicolas Cage's face Photoshopped onto that of others. And its not just like they cut and paste, the faces look really merged together like the freak child of Nic Cage and Dale Denton for example:

Or perhaps this particularly haunting one:

Or my personal favorite, Nic Cage as Migrant Mother:

You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

El Futuro

I'm moving to Europe to become part of a flasmob. Yes, I'm still in love with this:

sorry Idk how to make a video. 

In other news, in light of recent events I just want to run run run run run away and as I can't because of responsibilites and perhaps a lack of conviction I decided to plan my summer so I have something to look forward to and something to be excited about even though I feel like curling up for about six months and hibernating until this is all over. First, Europe to visit my fab family and travel like crazy. I'm inviting all my friends even though none of them will probably come.

(Google Images.....)

Next, Guatemala:

(National Geographic)

(St. Thomas)
Hopefully I'll get to hang out with some kids like this. These guys look like so much fun in their graphic T's.


(Trip Advisor)
How beautiful is that? How have I never been there? I'm living outside as soon as it gets warm. I've been wanting to go hiking and spend time outdoors for so long now. Just itching to go and I kept waiting and waiting for someone to take me but here's to my own initiative.

Hopefully my summer will be filled with lots of other great things but these are just the highlights. I want company for it all but everyone seems kind of non comital. Which seems to be the story of my life right now.

In other news, we went to New York this past weekend and it was baller. Definitely moving up there soon. Soon soon soon.
 Can anyone think  of a good way for me to make money that doesn't involve working two jobs again? Maybe a crack dealer? Prostitute?