Thursday, January 21, 2010


I can't even describe how excited I am about 2010 right now. First, I'm taking a dance class and it is SO MUCH FUN. Better than I ever imagined and I'll definitely be taking one every semester from now one.... so much for graduating early. I mean today was the first day of dancing but still this is all I wanna do

ALSO: Alternative Spring Break is going to be ballin'. Georgia for some warmth, hopefully and fun ppl and doing something good!

 Bought my tickets for Europe, still waiting to hear on Guatemala and plans for Colorado are finalized. WOO. So much to look forward too :)

In other news, thinking about getting a Jheri Curl for an MJ themed party for this weekend:

Whatcha think?

Finally, a little piece of heaven if you're down with dancin':'s recap of the best blog music for the past year, an hour of magic kids, an hour of magic. Download here.

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