Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ape Wednesdays!!!... A Day Late!

Tonight Lisabeth and I almost died when her car spun out as we went around a roundabout (aka traffic circle you Americans). We didn't really almost die but it was crazy and her car spun all the way around and it was crazy. And this van nearly hit us but it stopped. Anywayyyy we got home and decided that instead of homework we would put on heels and make gin drinks and dance around and watch Progekt R├╝nwai! And it was grand:

She is Ape Wednesdays with that samosa. I got a fat face.

And an oldie but goodie. Snookie before Snookie. Am I right?

And more oldies. This is sorta becoming like an Elisabeth ode/ slash she wrote parta this post:
I gave her cornrows that one time.

Taylor from Rachel Zoe Project.

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