Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I'm officially going to Europe this summer! And Guatemala! And a bunch of other places, and while I don't have any money at all, especially after buying all those plane tickets, I still think I'll need a few things for this trip.

Cute Bathing Suits (JCREW, natch.)

Pretty sundresses (Anthro and JCrew, respectively)

Some classic Amurrican sneakers to remind me of home

Timeless tops 
(But in Navy.... Above from JCrew)

Hats. I love me a tan but I do not want a) skin cancer or b) to look 70 when I'm 40 so I'm all about SPF and I think a sunhat would be an especially chic way to stay shady.

As you can probably tell my JCrew obession has been reignited.... My plan is to pack really really light and then buy a bunch of gorgeous clothing while I'm there. Literally taking a few dresses, pair of shorts sandals, bathing suit and a cardigan or two! I'm so excited I want to leave tomorrow instead of months from now :((


I have wanted these since I saw them in Marie Claire like four months ago. And now they are available to me and I can't decide which color! Black I think I would get more use from, but am I ever gonna see orange shoes that I like this much again? Decisions decisions.

I ended up having to return the floral shoes from a couple posts back because they were unbearably uncomfortable. :(

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I may or may not have just bought this dress:
uh oh.
urban outfitters is having a crazy sale right now. the dress was only $15 bucks. 
pics from

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'd Do Anything

I'd do anything for it to be July again. I need some sunshine and warm weather and bare legs. And stripes, lots of stripes.

I've definitely got a case of the winter blues. 
All images via The Sartorialist

Saturday, February 6, 2010


What Lia's talking about:

I have sung many a Ri-Ri ballad in my dayl and never once felt my dignity threatened. Probs because I'm so hard too.


I don't eat breakfast very much while I'm in school. I also don't cook very much ever. But today I had work off because of the snow and woke up at 12:30 really wanting coffee. Making coffee turned into making blueberry waffles turned into also making fried apples. Our house is really cold and I'm stuck here so there's really nothing to do except eat and watch Arrested Development dvds. I'd never made fried apples before so I just put some Smart Balance in a frying pan with the apples and added cinnamon and brown sugar. They were really good and looked like this:
okay it looks sorta weird 'cause i don't have a camera and had to use photobooth.
 also, that's not a crap-ton of butter, its smart balance. don't worry.

super high quality pics! what outside looks like.

Also, I'm fixin' to order these. It's in my head now. There's no turning back.


And finally, I have a confession to make. There is a certain something that I really hated but has now grown on me and I keep listening to it. I'm not posting it here because I need to retain some of my dignity, but the link is somewhere [not so] hidden in this sentence.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shit I want

Schoolboy blazer. I have wanted this for-freaking-ever. Holy cow. I should just save up my pennies and use the money I set aside for the heating bill to by that:

I love everything about this picture. I've searched at thrift stores, at cheaper stores like F21, online, everything and no luck. Everything is either crazy embellished or still has a boxy, 80s shape and that shit just ain't cute on anyone.

A trenchcoat. It's monsooning right now and so that's probably why I'm thinking of this but I have wanted a trench for a while. (I kind of have a thing for coats, jackets, over garments in general. Did I mention I want a field jacket too? Something so rustic and sezzy about it. But back to the trench.) Natch, Burberry does it best but $1000 required to buy one of theirs could pay my rent for several months so... not really in the cards.

Plus Emma Watson is lookin' all kinds of fierce in the new Burberry ads. But I'll probably have to settle for a DKNY or Calvin Klein one from eBay but that's cool too!

Mesh top dress: I think there's something ridiculously hot about mesh where you normally would see bare skin. That sounds weird but it's like tights. Your legs look really hot when you wear a pair of sheer tights because a) your legs are sexy anyway but b) theres something seperating every one else from that? Maybe. I don't know. But American Apparel has three cute variations. Personally I love the black but I'm digging the nude/peach option too for a springy look.

For this, I need to work on my Michelle Obama arms. Spring is coming too fast and not fast enough. Yeesh.

Tights: I'm really into these supa cute polka dots ones from Urban Outfitters.
And there's a ton of other stuff like a chambray shirt and red Hunter rain boots but I'll leave you with this. Stay warm!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

all i do is party

i wanna have a marie antoinette themed bday party when i turn 21 on the sixteenth.

not like weird depressing marie antoinette with like the dead baby erased from the family portrait. cool history but not party-ish. i'm thinking more the movie from a couple years ago with like cool colors and fun and an exaggeration of certain fun parts of being queen of france and an arguable lack of historical accuracy. there is a time and place for historical accuracy and it ain't my bday party.
but no one would dress up 18th century french style. i mean, i don't even know how i would dress up (a ship in the hair?). so i'm thinking i'm just going to tell everyone to dress up cocktail party style and have a room full of pink balloons and lots of cupcakes (i can use my cupcake stand!) also, champaign of course. i wanna get those little plastic glasses that you piece together and can make a champagne tower out of. champagne tower is like my dream!! maybe i'll finally splurge for something more expensive than andre.. uhh... probably not.  

bounce low bounce high. we saw them new year's and it was awesomeeee even though i only knew two songs.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Lhuillier is the prettiest French name. And Monique Lhuillier makes the prettiest dresses. 

Spring 2010 RTW

Spring 2010 RTW 

Pre Fall 2010

Pre Fall 2010 (Also just really love cocktail dresses + tights + heels)

Pre Fall 2010

Pre Fall 2009

Spring 2009 RTW

How crazy would it be to wear this dress to your wedding?

All images via except for that last one from


Saw Fantastic Mr. Fox at the Byrd today and it was incredible: