Thursday, February 4, 2010

all i do is party

i wanna have a marie antoinette themed bday party when i turn 21 on the sixteenth.

not like weird depressing marie antoinette with like the dead baby erased from the family portrait. cool history but not party-ish. i'm thinking more the movie from a couple years ago with like cool colors and fun and an exaggeration of certain fun parts of being queen of france and an arguable lack of historical accuracy. there is a time and place for historical accuracy and it ain't my bday party.
but no one would dress up 18th century french style. i mean, i don't even know how i would dress up (a ship in the hair?). so i'm thinking i'm just going to tell everyone to dress up cocktail party style and have a room full of pink balloons and lots of cupcakes (i can use my cupcake stand!) also, champaign of course. i wanna get those little plastic glasses that you piece together and can make a champagne tower out of. champagne tower is like my dream!! maybe i'll finally splurge for something more expensive than andre.. uhh... probably not.  

bounce low bounce high. we saw them new year's and it was awesomeeee even though i only knew two songs.

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