Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I'm officially going to Europe this summer! And Guatemala! And a bunch of other places, and while I don't have any money at all, especially after buying all those plane tickets, I still think I'll need a few things for this trip.

Cute Bathing Suits (JCREW, natch.)

Pretty sundresses (Anthro and JCrew, respectively)

Some classic Amurrican sneakers to remind me of home

Timeless tops 
(But in Navy.... Above from JCrew)

Hats. I love me a tan but I do not want a) skin cancer or b) to look 70 when I'm 40 so I'm all about SPF and I think a sunhat would be an especially chic way to stay shady.

As you can probably tell my JCrew obession has been reignited.... My plan is to pack really really light and then buy a bunch of gorgeous clothing while I'm there. Literally taking a few dresses, pair of shorts sandals, bathing suit and a cardigan or two! I'm so excited I want to leave tomorrow instead of months from now :((

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